New Show at Stew

Stew is proud to present Joni Smith - Over your cities grass will grow. 
Preview from 7pm on the 3rd of November

We hope very much to see you there...

Statement from Joni Smith.

This exhibition is a collection of thoughts that surround a certain genre of scientific enquiry. Theories such as Quantum Physics, String and Chaos theory act as starting points for quasi-scientific investigations. Research into branching theory for example looks into the world of river systems, tributarys' and road networks, resulting in the use of map as vessel to convey the mathematical thinking behind this theory. A map is a visual representation of our world. I take fragments of this representation of reality and reconfigure the pieces as if i were assembling a jigsaw puzzle; resulting in a new reality that obeys different laws, whilst still retaining aspects of own familiar world. During its assembly this puzzle follows certain rules in it's creation that echo the assembly of our own world: by using atom-like building blocks, a new kind of existence is painstakingly mapped out. Each investigation leads to a personal translation or understanding of each theory, designed to create metaphors and conversations between the works themselves, and the viewer.
Often the work is labour intensive giving the impression of a kind of natural formation, where rocks and land are slowly formed, or reformed. As each piece takes shape it is clear to see one world breaking down whilst another emerges. During the Stew residency I have been allowed the freedom to explore these ideas in a more physical way, and create work with which the viewer can become more involved. The difference between the installation works and the more mediative pieces highlight an important contrast which demands different levels of attention and enquiry from the viewer, as if they were exploring the theory themselves. In one instance the viewer would experience the excitement of the discovery of an idea or theory; an in another they may develop a more calm and considered approach to the work, echoing the concentration and dedication a scientist or mathematician needs in order to map out a formulas and equations that will support their theories.

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